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Making genetic data comprehensible

Abomics PGx is a service that interprets the complex pharmacogenetic data and offers laboratories, clinicians and patients an easy access to reliable and highly updated pharmacogenetic information. Abomics PGx makes pre-emptive pharmacogenetic testing cost-effective. With pre-emptive testing personalized medicine becomes reality.

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“Right patient, right medication, right time”

It is widely known that a lot of a patient’s response to drugs vary due to individual genetic differences. Liver enzymes control the metabolism of many frequently used pharmaceuticals. The variations in metabolic rate can often be tested using pharmacogenetics. Patients with a rapid metabolic rate may metabolize a drug many times faster than those with a slow rate. Often fast metabolism is related to poor effect of the drug and slow metabolism can cause unnecessary adverse drug reactions. With genetic tests you can avoid adverse drug reactions, complications and unnecessary costs.

The big picture

Abomics PGx interpretation service is a comprehensive solution to accessing and utilizing genetic information gained through pharmacogenetic testing. Abomics provides a medical professional approved interpretation of the data, which is easily accessible to the patient, laboratory and treating clinician.

For Laboratories

Laboratories know the genetics, we know the drugs. Abomics PGx completes the process workflow of pharmacogenetic testing by delivering a comprehensive pharmacogenetic interpretation report.

With cutting-edge technology and secured cloud-based web access, Abomics PGx provides highly updated and reliable pharmacogenetic data that makes genetic testing easy, fast, understandable and accessible. The service is customable varying on subscribers’ reporting and integration needs. Abomics PGx offers laboratories an unique way to stand out in the highly competitive market, along with reducing unnecessary costs to the organization.

For Clinicians

The simple yet comprehensive report covers the genetic tests with explanations, a list of drugs with genetic variation and dosing recommendations for each drug. The reports are approved by various medical professionals accepting the responsibility for accuracy of the information. The reports are easy to read, and give specific recommendations based on the genetic information acquired with genetic tests.

All-inclusive pharmacogenetic service is completed with Abomics GeneRx decision support database.

For Patients

GeneAccount is a service that stores genetic test results in one easily accessible and safe location. The results of genetic tests are stored so that the patient can access them anytime, anywhere. This information is useful in determing whether a drug is suitable, and in what dosage.

GeneAccount can be accessed via web or mobile solutions. GeneAccount is a protected cloud-based service making it easily and securely accessible. The service is carried out in accordance with the data protection directive of the European Union.


Abomics PGx provides the clinicians and patients with a state-of-the-art report that is easy to understand and fast to use.

In the report all the drugs with genetic variation regarding the tested genes are listed and categorized by their clinical relevance. All of the genetic tests done to the patient are listed and explained in detail with illustrations. The report also includes detailed recommendations for each drug, so the clinician can adjust the drug and dosing quickly and efficiently.

Reports are approved by medical professionals who take the responsibility for the correctness of the interpretations. Drug-drug interactions can also be integrated to the service upon request.



Abomics PGx is available worldwide and comes with low initial costs and full support.

GeneRx & DLE

We are also offering Abomics GeneRx (Pharmacogenetic decision support database) and DLE (Drug Laboratory Effects knowledge base) databases for healthcare organizations. Both databases include a cloud-based web access to the browsing tool of the databases.

Abomics – Genomic Medicine Expertise

Translating Research into Clinical Practice

Abomics is a health technology firm that provides healthcare professionals with new approaches to personalized medicine. The company was founded in 2013 in Finland and comprises of admitted specialists in several fields of science. Abomics designs cutting-edge integrated decision support tools in collaboration with providers of EHR systems and laboratory IT systems. All Abomics’ products have been designed to meet the extensive requirements of healthcare professionals. Our services have been CE-certified according to EU Medical Device Directive.

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